Top 5 Fascinating Exotic Pets in Tulsa OK

Top 5 Fascinating Exotic Pets in Tulsa OK

Are you planning of getting an exotic or different sort of pet this coming new year? Owning an exotic pet in Tulsa can be demanding and would require high supervision. However, it can be a cool thing once you already know the perks of owning one. Before purchasing an exotic pet, make sure to check the legality of the pet where you live. In Oklahoma, Tulsa veterinarians provide exotic pet owners to have their exotic pets in Tulsa to receive regular veterinary care.

Owning an exotic pet may require special supervision and high maintenance for some. Owning an exotic pet in Tulsa can be a demanding yet very fulfilling task.

exotic pets in Tulsa okTake a look at these exotic pets in Tulsa

  1. Chinchillas– are low maintenance pets. They are odorless and comes with beautiful and very soft fur. They are nocturnal animals and prefer to live in warm temperatures. It is advisable to own a pet chinchillas from their very young age, so that they can form a bond with their pet owners. Chinchillas also enjoy playing with toys and dust baths. They feed on pellets and good quality grass hay.
  2. Monkeys– owning pet monkey comes with big challenges, but they can make joyful life-long companions. Monkeys seem very cute and cuddly and they tend to catch your attention most of the time. They are really intelligent yet sometimes their intelligence comes with human like cleverness. Make sure to some research if you’re thinking of getting a pet monkey to start your new year.
  3. Potbelly pigs– there are certain myths acknowledging that potbelly pigs are dirty and dumb. But did you know that potbelly pigs are intelligent? They are one of the pets who can be easily trained and they can be very playful as well. Aside from this, they are clean, odor free and non-allergenic which is totally opposing to what has been mentioned in old myths. However, their quirky personality might lead them to troubles, thus can be very destructive once neglected. Before you get a pet potbelly pig, make sure to do your research to help you in deciding whether you’re bringing them into your home or not.
  4. Chipmunks– although pet chipmunks may not be as good as your pet dog in fetching, do not underestimate their abilities. They can learn how to do simple yet dazzling tricks or they may casually use you as a perch. Chipmunks also make great companions. If you plan to get and own a pet chipmunk, be reminded that they need a variety of foods such as seeds, vegetables and fruits. They also require human contacts especially when they are young and needs plenty of room. Also, chipmunks are not low-maintenance pets. Thus, it is important to keep them healthy and regularly checked by Tulsa veterinarian.
  5. Hedgehogs– hedgehogs are social animals. They can be very gentle and needs low-maintenance as well. Their diets include hedgehog mixes, but most of the time, they just feed on insects such as crickets. Young hedgehogs also need to be handled often so that they can adjust in living along with humans.

Before getting an exotic pet, it is important to take into consideration first and foremost the safety of owning a new one.  Make sure your state or the place where you currently live allows to own an exotic animal. You also need to check on their living conditions as well as the accommodations for these exotic pets. Also, ensure that they will be properly well-fed and have easy access on your Tulsa veterinarian to treat them, especially in case of emergencies.

Once you accomplished all of these things, there is no way of stopping you in owning an exotic yet very fascinating pet.