6 Common Misconceptions About Veterinary Care in Tulsa

Veterinary Care in Tulsa OkVeterinary care in Tulsa, as practiced today is much different than it was even a few years ago and there are many misconceptions about it. Veterinarians now can offer treatments that were not available until recently.  Today’s vet has access to cat scans, radiology cancer treatment, even organ transplants. There have been great strides in feed and pet nutrition and pets are simply living much longer today.

Yet people still share some common misconceptions about veterinary care in Tulsa.

 All Veterinary Care in Tulsa Is the Same

Are all physicians, chiropractors or dentists the same? Of course not, we all have different personalities and we all have different skills and abilities.

Veterinary Care in Tulsa Is Very Expensive.

By comparing veterinary medicine with any other medical field you will find that for the same procedure veterinary medicine is a real bargain. Just consider an Ovariohystrectomy in human terms, a Spay in a dog or cat and you will quickly see what I mean.

The Tulsa Veterinarian with the Cheapest Ads or Prices Is the Best

If you were in need of a physician, you would not look for the cheapest one in the area, but the one you think would give you the best treatment. Granted, there are individuals in every business that over charge and under perform but it is up to you to do your research too. There are certain expenses in all businesses and to provide good care with the proper equipment and personnel, you will likely need to charge more than the business who tries to get buy without the necessary equipment and personnel.

A Prepackaged Pet Health Plan is more affordable than paying for each service separately

This all depends on what the veterinarian is including in the package and how much it does cost. You can make a better deal buying a car with cash, but how many of us are able to do that? These health care plans have at least two purposes; to give a new client a break in cost and to keep you coming back for the recommendations of the particular facility. Look them over carefully and know what you are paying for.

Pet insurance will always save you money on veterinary care in Tulsa making it much more affordable

Insurance is usually something we buy hoping we never have to use it so any policy you think about getting examine it closely to see what it covers. Some policies will cover procedures that you are sure to need; others only cover your pet after it has already had all its shots, been spayed or neutered, reached a certain age and then only emergencies are covered. Read the fine print!

Any Tulsa veterinarian can provide good health advice for any species or breed of animal, bird, fish etc.

Most veterinarians educated in the US have been given some exposure (often very limited) to most of our major species of the Animal Kingdom, but to think all are proficiently trained to take care of any and all species is way off base. Modern Veterinary Schools generally speaking divide their curriculum into two years of basics like anatomy, physiology, histology, bacteriology, virology pharmacology, etc. The last two years most veterinary school students will pick either Large Animal Medicine or Small Animal Medicine as their major. A veterinary student is exposed to a plethora of information about the animal kingdom and how to care for their medical needs, but no one can begin to be all things to all species.